Customer Testimonials

"We used Titan Bats for the first time in our 2015 season.  Todd Stephens, at Titan Bats, worked with us in creating the engraved design on the bat for our logo, color scheme, and more importantly the quality of wood used in their processing.  I had ordered a different brand of bat in 2014, but all those bats broke, and I had to order more before the end of the season.  Titan uses a billet cut by hand, so the grain follows true from the tip of the barrel to the end of the knob. And they use the ink blot to see the grain.  I ordered 50 bats, and have at least 20 bats left over and half have not been used yet.  This will save me in buying lesser amount of bats for 2016.   I especially like the scriptures they use for the bat model numbers, we use Luke 1:37.  Oh, did I mention we won the Prospect League Championship, thanks to Titan Bats."
Bruce Rosselli, REX Baseball Owner/ GM

"Absolutely in love with that Titan bat you gave me, I used it tonight in our game and hit an oppo bomb off our UT commit and also one hopped the wall in center. My coach tried to tell me that the bat was corked since he had never heard of the brand before! Thanks so much!"
Prospects National Team

"If I'm ever going to sell Titan Bats, now is the time.  Last two games, 8 for 10.  Titan 24 was working for me last night:  Homerun in the first, double in the third, double in the sixth, and another homerun in the eighth.  It was epic.  I am now a believer."
Rick Ireland, East Coast Baseball League

"I first want to thank you guys for providing our team with bats for this season. I am proud to announce that we are expanding with a second team for next year.  We will have a 13U and 14U baseball team next year, so we are very excited to have the opportunity to reach more athletes and bring them closer to Christ.  Since we started, we have had 3 athletes baptized and one uncle of one of our players.  I have another player getting baptized this coming Sunday and another who is talking to his church now about being baptized.  Again, we really appreciate everything your company has done for us this year.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!”
Glenn Wrightsman, Indiana Crusaders

"If you have a baseball player in your family and are looking for a quality product, check out Titan bats! They made my son a log for BP (game used also) that lasted for 4 years and thousands of swings! Great job! Titan Bat Co! The bat is solid. The work you've done is phenomenal! I'll be ordering another soon!"  
Jody from Indiana

"The only thing that hits harder than a Titan Baseball Bat is a freight train. These bats ARE precision with intent."                                                                    Josh from Australia

 "Fantastic fit, feel and balance not to mention top shelf craftsmanship. I would recommend a Titan bat for anyone in baseball, from beginner to the MLB."         
Pat from Indiana    

 "100% handcrafted with quality craftsmanship, traditional design and personalized to your specs. You can't get any better than that."                        Mike from Indiana

"Professional craftsmanship and top quality product...along with great customer service... Titan Bats are the way to go!!"                                               Rick from Michigan

"Beyond our expectations! Impeccable craftsmanship, outstanding customer service. We could not ask for more. Bats are truly stunning Thank you!"           The Lackey Family from Arizona

"Titan Bats are awesome! I have owned 3 of them and the most recent model I have acquired is my favorite. Thin handle with a quick taper on the knob is just how I like it, extending to a long big solid barrel. Love the wood with the solid clear coat finish, ads extra pop and more life to the bat. The grain is beautiful,  very close together on the barrel, also adding more solidity. Attention to those details really make it my favorite wood."                                Big Strobe from Virginia

"Titan Bats is one of the better quality wood bat companies that I have come across in my 20 years as a player and a coach. I've trained players that have used some of the top brands on the market. The feedback I have gotten when they use a Titan matches up with or even surpasses some of best rated bats used in the game today. Their management has been great to our facility and has really taken Titan Bats to the next level with the the models and color combinations they offer. I recommend Titan Bats to any player that is looking for quality wood bats that last for a competitive price."                              Anthony Concialdi from Illinois (Director of Baseball Operations, The Dugout Northbrook)