Why We Use Hand Split Wood

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Hand Split Wood

Our wood supplier hand-splits each log to follow the wood’s natural grain. This ensures a straight tangential grain, which strengthens the bat and almost entirely removes the chance of a tangential slope of grain failure, in all grades.

The importance of straight tangential (face) grain is critical because the wood’s slope-of-grain has an overwhelming effect on the strength of the final baseball bat. Slope-of-grain is determined by how close to parallel a piece of wood is produced with respect to the longitudinal axis of wood cells in the tree. When a piece of wood is processed so that it is perfectly parallel to the grain direction of the tree, it will have the highest strength.

When wood is cut at an angle to the grain direction of the tree, the strength quickly diminishes and a bat made with this wood is vulnerable to dangerous breaks or multiple-piece fractures. Splitting is the only process that produces straight tangential grain with a near perfect success rate.